Arched [adjective]

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The Arab pricked his ears, swished his long and arched tail viciously, and showed the whites of his eyes.

He was looking at me with eyebrows arched, curiously, and there was a faint suggestion of hostility in the set of his mouth.

A peculiar form of grave common in these chambers, as well as in the galleries, is that known as the arcosolium, or arched tomb.

Sometimes the recess is rectangular instead of arched, and is then called by De Rossi sepolcro a mensa, or table tomb.

The high-arched temple, in the centre of which stands the sarcophagus, is inlaid with mosaic work of rare stones.

Then he and his two attendants walked rapidly forward, till they found themselves under the arched roof of the cave.

In some recent masonry arched bridges of spans up to 150 ft. built with hinges considerable economy has been obtained.

Cousin Giles arched the greater part of the inside, but he did not disdain to make use of some timber to strengthen his erection.

It had five cast iron arched ribs with a centre span of 100 ft. This curious bridge is still in use.

This had two arched ribs formed by the cast iron pipes through which the water passed.