Archer [adjective]

Definition of Archer:

principal, superior

Synonyms of Archer:

Opposite/Antonyms of Archer:

Sentence/Example of Archer:

A was an Archer, who shot at a frog; B was a Butcher, and had a great dog.

I cannot tell when the Archer may choose to send his arrow at me—perhaps before the people a mile down the road have seen me.

Archer shifted the Fifth Alabama from his right to his left, (p. 166) but was not able to stop the advancing Yankees.

Last of all, Will Archer told about the little lame boy, son of the minister at the church on the corner.

Mr. Archer turned towards her in the darkness, and she could clearly perceive that he smiled upon her very kindly.

Mr. Archer followed these yellow and unsteady stars until they dwindled into points and disappeared.

Mr. Archer greeted him with civility; but the old man was in no humour of compliance.

He was sure he hoped that Mr. Archer would like it; but in truth he could not think what brought him there.

Nay,” returned Mr. Archer with a smile, “no man can put complete reliance in blind fate; he must still cog the dice.

Perhaps, Mr. Archer, they were no true thieves after all, but just people who had been robbed and tried to get their own again.