Archeries [noun]

Definition of Archeries:

arm, armament

Opposite/Antonyms of Archeries:


Sentence/Example of Archeries:

Most Korean gentlemen had private archery grounds and targets in the gardens near their houses.

The master heard this observation, and said to his disciples: 'What shall I practise, charioteering or archery?

Val chatted about the school Commencement, about the new archery club, and how "horrid much" the bows and arrows cost.

The dancing was followed by archery, the target being a small banana stem at some thirty paces.

He practiced archery, wrestling, and handling the iron club, until he was not afraid of anybody or anything.

Many young men, sons of nobles and warriors, begged to become his pupils in archery.

Now and again a shield as big as a target, and looking not unlike an archery-target, marks the tomb of some warrior.

She rounded the difficulty, saying: 'You see engravings of archery; that 's her figure—her real figure.

But last winter I got a book about archery from the library and learned something worth while.

As well as needing practice, the boys had to learn several little rules about Archery.