Archers [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Archers:

When the rear came up, two archers appeared in view, immediately suggesting the nearness of an enemy; and Bruce held back his men.

The assailants were grievously embarrassed by stones rolled down upon them and by the fire of the archers.

On the first day, a thousand English archers, supported by men-at-arms, attempted to draw the Scots.

At one of these archers, whose arrow already trembled on the string, Thurstane let fly, sending him out of the saddle.

Long and stoutly did Yaghi-Sian's horse-archers and infantry dispute the passage, but Robert's mad knights swept all before them.

The mountainous tract is a nursery for soldiers, the greatest part of whom are archers.

The Cossæi, like the neighbouring mountaineers, are for the most part archers, and are always out on foraging parties.

Those, as well as the archers, generally march to war on foot; but the lancemen are always mounted.

The dozen Archers were delivered—there would be a spare, now.

Let's get you all into Archers, for which I have a few spare parts left.