Arches [noun]

Definition of Arches:

curve, curved structure

Synonyms of Arches:

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Sentence/Example of Arches:

Arches more graceful in form, or better fitted to defy the assaults of time, I have never seen.

Tall iron gates between the arches enclose the graves, which are marked with massive sarcophagi of Scotch granite.

The most individual feature of Peterborough is the three great arches on the west, or entrance, front.

The aqueduct is of brick, and is supported on two ranges of arches across the valley between two of the five hills of the city.

This was entered by two arches, which may still be seen leading out of the ambulatory.

On the east side of the north arm of the transept a more elaborate arrangement of one of the arches may be seen.

It is vaulted in stone, and the plain horseshoe arches at the end without any ribs (see illustration), are worthy of notice.

On the arches of the arcades, texts from the Koran are inlaid in characters of black marble.

In the arches are to be seen remains of rich paintings in light and dark-blue, intermixed with gilding.

Grout is thin liquid mortar, and is legitimately used in gauged arches and other work when fine joints are desired.