Archetypal [adjective]

Definition of Archetypal:

most typical

Synonyms of Archetypal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Archetypal:

Sentence/Example of Archetypal:

He had not wholly freed himself, however, from archetypal trammels.

Truly is Homer the primordial Hellenic seer, he who sees and sets forth the archetypal forms of the future of his race.

Yes, in the sight of God, like the archetypal ideas of the Platonists.

All things exist, according to his well-known doctrine of ideas, in an ideal or archetypal form, a pattern laid up in heaven.

This is a Generic Creation, creation according to genera or classes, like the "archetypal ideas" of Plato.

This archetypal mollusc of Huxley's was a creature with a bilaterally symmetrical head and body.

Her old, archetypal world became gradually more and more indistinct to her memory, till she had all but forgotten it.

The problem of the archetypal plant was more absorbing than the finest groups of trees.

Behind them, for all their vagueness, lay an archetypal splendour, fraught with forgotten meanings.

This system differs from Platonism in that the “ideas” of God are not archetypal abstractions but concrete personalities.