Archetype [noun]

Definition of Archetype:

typical example

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Sentence/Example of Archetype:

Similarly, the One is the higher archetype of the intellectual power which moves around Him, being His image.

And nevertheless, by their unity all these things imitate the same archetype, some from far, some from near.

Archetype, rk′e-tīp, n. the original pattern or model, a prototype.

Greek culture must be distinguished as the archetype; and it must be shown how all culture rests upon shaky conceptions.

Remember that whatever paternal wisdom or maternal tenderness we have ever known here, has its source and archetype on high.

The idea of infinity is to us an idea without model, without archetype, without object.

The ideal or archetype of creation is evidently as necessary, as eternal, as unchangeable, as God himself.

It is a divine and eternal archetype or ideal, which the externised, concrete reality copies and represents.

It is the divine essence itself, therefore, which contains the archetype or ideal of a possible creation.

Creation is an expression of that archetype in finite form which is expressed in the infinite image of the Word.