Archings [noun]

Definition of Archings:

rounded part of thing, usually body part

Synonyms of Archings:

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Sentence/Example of Archings:

The very remarkable archings which strike one directly one has entered the building are portions of the original church.

The whole will be fire-proof, the floors being divided by plate-iron archings upon cast-iron bearings.

They looked at the slender pillars and graceful archings about them.

Looking over the parapet, Graham saw that beneath was a wharf under yet more tremendous archings than any he had seen.

These archings over should be carefully looked out for when the head is in any but a simple full face position.

He got upon his feet at that and began to pace slowly back and forth under the gloomy archings.

These archings and gable were greatly damaged by the fires of September 19, 1914, and the bombardments.

In the form of a gigantic flower with twelve petals, each of the latter is sub-divided by quatrefoils and trefoil archings.

David Bond studied a moment, knitting his brows until their heavy archings met in a single hoary line.

Lower, amid interlacing archings of the mid-air thoroughfares, darkness had already piled its blackness.