Archipelagos [noun]

Definition of Archipelagos:

land surrounded by body of water

Synonyms of Archipelagos:

Opposite/Antonyms of Archipelagos:


Sentence/Example of Archipelagos:

Part of IJburg, an archipelago of six new islands built by city contractors, Beach Island was reclaimed from the waters with sand carried by boats run on low-emission fuel.

The nation also presents one of the toughest logistical challenges, with a population of some 273 million spread across the world’s largest archipelago.

The leaguers were now anxious to co-operate with the Americans in compelling the Spaniards to evacuate the Archipelago.

Dangerous situation of the brig among the islands of Buccaneer's Archipelago.

The supremacy of the United States must and will be enforced throughout every part of the Archipelago.

Taken as a whole Yloilo still remains one of the most charmless spots in the Archipelago.

Off the Buccaneer's Archipelago the tides are strong and rise to the height of thirty-six feet.

And at any rate it is another chance for this distracted archipelago of children, sat upon by a clique of fools.

The truth is, that in a south-westerly wind, that part of our archipelago is no better than a trap.

From this point he would survey the huge green field with its archipelago of countless boys.