Architectonic [adjective]

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In this connection, we note a characteristic difference between the beginnings of architectonic art and that of the other arts.

The architectonic beauty does honor to the author of nature; grace does honor to him who possesses it.

Imitative grace is to true grace what beauty of toilet is to architectonic beauty.

Still the architectonic principle is powerful in the Iliad, though more instinctive, and far less explicit than in the Odyssey.

The small, bronze-painted figures, expressed the suspension and repose of the ceiling; they were architectonic symbols.

It comes from energy combined with high gifts of organisation, economic, architectonic.

There are architectonic conceptions which are guiding, not only the different sciences, but all the modes of thought of an age.

A complete disassociation of ideas, harmonies, rhythmic life, architectonic is demanded.

Such a combination could not long exist in architectonic systems in which the stone column played its true part.

By the term architectonic I mean the art of constructing a system.