Architects [noun]

Definition of Architects:

person who designs buildings

Synonyms of Architects:

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Sentence/Example of Architects:

The design for the cathedral was a competitive one selected from many submitted by the greatest architects in the world.

Asphalt (fig. 9) recently has come into great favour with architects; a layer or in.

The architects of the Renaissance showed great boldness in their designs.

So artistic is the appearance of the houses that the term 'Style Duinbergen' is used by architects to describe it.

Included in this magnificent rank and file are the painters, sculptors, musicians, along with the celebrated architects.

The architects, two dim names still to be read on the façade ever kissed by the setting sun, were Rainaldus and Busketus.

There must be quarriers before there can be architects: the hewers of wood and drawers of water are the basis of all civilization.

Its friends have been architects, artists, poets and statesmen.

Two or three architects engaged him to fill in skies and backgrounds to their plans.

Liquid Indian Ink is a solution for architects, surveyors, &c.