Archivists [noun]

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His successor, at one time the conventual archivist, loved books equally well, and got together a fair collection.

When the leaden coffin was soldered, six seals were placed upon it, five by cardinals, and one by the archivist.

With the office of the provincial secretary the provincial archivist necessarily has very close relations.

Then comes reasoning; the voice of the old Archivist getting loud.

The French, too, have invented a profession unknown in England—that of archivist.

Erben, the scholarly old archivist of Prague, seems to me the greatest literary artist of them all.

In 1851 he left the cole des Chartes with the degree of palaeographic archivist.

But if we cannot use the historian for our purposes we may perhaps call in the trained archivist.

This from a man whose working powers astonished the old Dutch archivist, Groen van Prinsterer, means a good deal.

He was also archivist and then librarian of the city of Frankfort.