Archnesses [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Archnesses:

But she kept the same tone, and its tender archness only gave a greater sweetness to his sense of relief.

Archness became this lady of the sunny hair, tip-tilted nose, and complexion that outvied the apple-blossoms.

She laughed with much archness when I shewed her the bread, and its vigorous resistance to the edge of my knife.

However she seemed to have a short cut for getting back to cheerfulness, and set her face to signify archness.

Seeing which she pounced upon it with assumed archness, and pretended to conceal it.

"Grandmamma is quite proud of her little grandson already," said Xenie, with tender archness.

She turned away, so that for the moment I could not see her face, then looked at me with exquisite archness over her shoulder.

As the restless shifting of colours to her motions was the constant interchange of her semisorrowful manner and ready archness.

The music accurately and closely reproduces the spirit of the words, in all their warmth, archness, and grace.

She replied, with provoking archness: "Are we going to Rouen to talk about him?"