Archpriests [noun]

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Then began a bitter war of pamphlets between the adherents and the adversaries of the archpriest.

The archpriest of the cathedral, Canon Landrieux (to-day a bishop), called for aid from the onlookers.

Then the Archpriest stepped forward, went to the belfry, and disengaged the rope from the hand of him who was jangling the bell.

"I hold you answerable for my safety," said Bernard, putting forth a trembling hand and plucking at the Archpriest.

So be it—our Archpriest Pabo shall disappear, and disappear so that the enemy shall not know that he be alive.

These executions would continue till the place of retreat of the Archpriest was revealed, and he had been taken.

She had learned what was the doom of the Archpriest so soon as the interview was over between him, the bishop, and her husband.

Bernard the Ass, Court-Archpriest, is ready, and admonishes the penitent with the most becoming gravity and unction.

And that spark was shortly afterwards supplied by the archpriest Chayla, director of missions at Pont-de-Montvert.

The women were sent to Mende to be immured in convents, and the men were imprisoned in the archpriest's dungeons.