Archway [noun]

Definition of Archway:

curved opening

Synonyms of Archway:

Opposite/Antonyms of Archway:


Sentence/Example of Archway:

Over the archway are two sculptured figures in red terra-cotta, representing "Flora" and "Pomona."

“Come down here,” said the thief, turning sharp to the left and passing under a low archway.

The abbey gate still stands as a massive archway at one end of the river bridge.

Beside the keep there remains but one archway of all the extensive military works that at one time surrounded the Castle.

The mansion is approached by a small bridge crossing the river, whence one enters under a lofty archway the main courtyard.

The archway archway into the inner room was behind Bruslart, but he did not turn as the curtains parted.

He slid his hand near a hidden switch in the archway, and floodlights came on just as they entered.

Mrs. Errington's head was stretched out of the coach-window as the vehicle clattered up the archway of the "Blue Bell" inn.

I dont know who she is, but I saw her waiting under an archway after chapel last Sunday evening.

We move slowly along up the drive, and come quite near to the great archway which leads into the courtyard.