Arctics [noun]

Definition of Arctics:

polar region

Synonyms of Arctics:

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Sentence/Example of Arctics:

But in that stale, fetid odour of last night's tobacco and this morning's wet arctics the smoker was but a dismal place.

Children clinging to the arms of governesses, their feet in high arctics, slid laughing on the ice.

"In forty-eight hours we will be within the Arctics at this rate of speed," cried Dr. Jones, rubbing his hands with delight.

The Arctics are subject to fearful and sudden storms, and we must be ready to go at any instant.

Mrs. Davis said that the very sight of those ungainly old arctics always brought tears to her eyes.

It cuts off certain probabilities and sets up others: you can put away your straw-hats; you can unpack your arctics.

It is an Alga well known in the Arctics, where it forms wide fields in the summer.

What was more, she was leaving the tundra; the broad-stretching deer pastures of the Arctics.

The delicate magnificence of the Arctics none can translate into language.

Moreover, some modern animals are found from the arctics to the tropics.