Ardencies [noun]

Definition of Ardencies:

adoration; very strong liking

Opposite/Antonyms of Ardencies:

Sentence/Example of Ardencies:

Koyala's eyes glowed with a strange light, and she spoke with an ardency that surprised the resident.

Adelaide poured forth her gratitude and her pleasure, with all the ardency of feelings long suppressed.

Before the light in his gaze, the fire, the ardency, her own slowly fell; she turned slightly as if to go.

The high hopes and the ardency of the reign of Elizabeth saddened into a profound pessimism and gloom in that of James.

Bending beside her, Sidney was evincing an ardency entirely paradoxical, when I considered his indifferent temperament.

Alston had the chafed feeling of one who cannot follow with an unmixed ardency the lines his heart would lead him.

Oh, forgive the ardency of my passion, which has compell'd me to deceive you.

Words cannot describe the ardency of my flame; it is actions only that can do it.

The ardency of her affections and the determinate character of her mind were well known to her royal relatives.

In proportion as his fancy is powerful, these chimeras themselves will become food necessary to its ardency.