Ardently [adverb]

Definition of Ardently:


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Sentence/Example of Ardently:

She loves me ardently; and her power with my father, except on one point, is almost omnipotent.

Devoutly and ardently did Mr. Snodgrass wish that the ladies could know he had come in.

Thus he used to say frequently that he ardently desired that we might soon know his language.

The obscurity lent him courage to keep his eyes fastened as ardently as he liked upon the girl who sat in the firelight.

He was ardently devoted to the science, and contributed much to spread a correct knowledge of it among the people by his lectures.

They desired martyrdom more ardently than men afterward sought a bishopric.

Once only since the earth has revolved round the sun have parents ardently wished to have a son's life dedicated to poetry.

"Certainly," I replied, still under the excitement of Marguerite's last words, my eyes fixed ardently upon her.

It is natural to desire it ardently and to take little pains to obtain it, for we think that we deserve it without seeking for it.

"I'll give you a dozen of them if you'll take them," he was saying ardently‚ÄĒevidently in reference to the candies.