Arduous [adjective]

Definition of Arduous:

difficult, hard to endure

Synonyms of Arduous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Arduous:

Sentence/Example of Arduous:

Indeed, 'we have laid upon him various arduous tasks touching the state of the country, and especially its tranquillity.'

But Samuel Adams, who thought "nothing should be despaired of," took upon himself the performance of this arduous task.

Sir Edward Bruce, after an arduous struggle, had taken a firm grip of Galloway by the end of 1308.

Nature seems still to wish to keep the young and blushing girl apart from that connection which entails grave and arduous duties.

Though Weston was more or less accustomed to the work, he found the first few hours sufficiently arduous.

I wondered if she would respond to her ancestry if placed among arduous experiences.

Towards the end of October he gave it up for the time being and turned to a more arduous task, the tragic Weir of Hermiston.

Patricia continued in a dazed state of mind, but after two days of arduous travel I detected her weeping.

To her, natural disposition and practice made the task easy; for her pupil, it was arduous beyond her worst expectation.

Tootles had progressed along the arduous road to masterpieces to the extent that he felt a need of realistic detail.