Arduousness [noun]

Definition of Arduousness:

problem; situation requiring great effort

Opposite/Antonyms of Arduousness:

Sentence/Example of Arduousness:

Making a truly effective and safe vaccine can be an arduous and vexing process, as Fortune’s Erika Fry chronicles in her jaw-dropping feature on Sanofi’s efforts to develop a vaccine against dengue fever.

Raffensperger ordered three recounts, including one done by hand, which is the most arduous and accurate way of counting ballots.

Seated for a Zoom interview in late October, he’s spent the past few minutes detailing the arduous process of preparing to star in “Sound of Metal,” Darius Marder’s new film about a punk metal drummer who begins to lose his hearing.

He was headed for an arduous rehabilitation, and the Wizards, including Beal, would need to move forward without him.

The process wasn’t that arduous, and maybe kept them fresh longer, but it took a little of the pleasure out of unwrapping the treats.

I only say all this to show the tenfold arduousness of such a work as the one your problem demands.

They know the arduousness of life, which is a lesson we must all learn sooner or later.

Though not comparing with the arduousness of field service, our duties were by no means slight.

The task of the Charming Lass was delightful in its simplicity, but fearful in its arduousness.

This is done by making the hours of labor in different trades to differ according to their arduousness.