Areas [noun]

Definition of Areas:

extent, scope of a surface

Synonyms of Areas:

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Sentence/Example of Areas:

Snow falls very infrequently except in the mountain areas and usually is of short duration whenever it appears.

In these whirlings great differences in atmospheric pressure are brought about in contiguous areas of sea.

Besides the greater lands, the seas are fretted by a host of smaller dry areas, termed islands.

He commanded a force which at this time was in possession of Norfolk and its adjacent areas.

But the rivers, by cutting down and tilling up, have long since obliterated these water areas.

De Rossi has given a map of the Catacomb of Callixtus, in which these areas are accurately defined.

Railroad tracks and bridges had been demolished; transportation facilities in some areas were almost non-existent.

De Rossi has prepared a map of the principal part of it, divided into fifteen rectilinear and generally rectangular areas.

The first of these areas which we reach on entering the vineyard is that known as the crypt of St. Lucina.

Blueprints were spread out as a crew of techs worked feverishly at all damage areas.