Arete [noun]

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Only after Calypso is put aside, do Arete the wife and Nausicaa the maid become possible.

From the grot of Calypso he passes to the home of Arete; both woman and man are in an ethical relation.

Still she withholds her sympathy at first for a good reason; Arete is not wholly impulse and feeling, she has thought, reflection.

Pallas and Nausicaa, he first goes to Arete and clasps her knees in supplication, begging for an escort to his country.

Altogether too sudden; Arete would not have said that, though the woman be the natural match-maker.

Arete gives the order to the servants to spread his couch for the night's repose, she has received him.

Mark the interest of those listeners, Arete and Nausicaa, mother and daughter in this tale.

Her name is Arete, and she comes of the same family as her husband Alcinous.

The beautiful daughter of Alcinous and Arete, who received Odysseus with kindness when cast up by the sea.

Such shalt thou find some here, even in the reign of Cynthia,—a Crites and an Arete.