Argent [adjective]

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Que si la Royne vouloit qu'ils y allassent, on leur rendist leur argent, & qu'ils fissent ce que bon leur sembleroit.

She was silent now, pondering, and her dark eyes were fixed blankly on the distant argent glimmer of the lake.

Argent′al; Argentif′erous, bearing or containing silver; Ar′gentine, relating to or like silver: sounding like silver.

Gules, a pair of scales or; on a chief azure (color on color) three cross-crosslets argent.

Fifty francs argent métallique would, Delessert knew, purchase her; but with assignats, it was quite another affair.

The one carries a green buckler emblazoned with an argent lion, the other a red buckler emblazoned with a gold dolphin.

Argent, in coats of arms, the heraldic term expressing silver: represented in engraving by a plain white surface.

An income of three or four thousand per annum, argent comptant, carries along with it many solid enjoyments.

A bird proper, on the shield argent of the city of Glasgow, has been identified with the resuscitated pet of the patron saint.

But if it was so, Argent neither by look nor manner gave token of the least thought of the sort.