Argosies [noun]

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No such argosy had ever set out before in pursuit of the golden fleece of happiness.

Is not my anger terrible as I dash your argosy, your thunder-bearing frigate, into fragments, as you would crack an eggshell?

Argosy, r′go-si, n. a large merchant-vessel richly laden, esp.

I called, stammering incoherently, after her, but her light argosy skimmed the water steadily.

Once more the Golden Hind was at sea steering northward, the richest argosy which had ever yet floated on the ocean.

This news exhilarated the hearts of the rovers, who hoped that she might prove as rich an argosy as that taken by Drake.

Standing there, they watched the strange argosy floating away on the dancing waves.

How the news of this argosy flew even to towns a day's journey up from the coast!

Theirs are the halcyon calms succeeding the storms which our Argosy had so stoutly weathered.

Hour by hour I watched my argosy grow, and then—on the night before it was ready to launch—came "Calamity."