Arguable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Arguable:

It’s arguable even now that the legacy of Harry Potter is larger than any single thing Rowling can do to diminish it.

In fact, it’s arguable that big growth numbers like subscriptions and sales will be less of a priority for the club — at least initially.

Although it’s arguable whether targeted advertising shifts the way people vote, it has proved extremely useful in harvesting other contact information, like email addresses, and in raising money.

It is further arguable that its use points to a time when the death of the king was recent.

The right of the State to refuse divorce in the case of the insanity of a party to a marriage seems hardly arguable.

How much he owed to Rubens, and how much Rubens162 owed to him in painting is a matter that is arguable.

It is arguable that the ornamental soldier is suited by glossy buttons and may properly lavish time and trouble thereupon.

It is not arguable that glossy buttons are a valid feature of the garb of a humdrum and harassed hospital orderly.

Valentin is an honest man, if being mad for an arguable cause is honesty.

He became sensible, arguable, uncertain, submitting himself to the balances of reason and expediency like the rest of us.