Argued [verb]

Definition of Argued:

verbally fight

Opposite/Antonyms of Argued:

Sentence/Example of Argued:

No one ever argued with Levison; all understood that this particular phrase was final.

Only, he argued, British soldiers would stand against the skyline during a general action.

His brows came together in a frown, from which the Seneschal argued that his suggestion was not well received.

Labor, so it was argued, was perpetually being saved by the constant introduction of new uses of machinery.

It was encircled by a ditch, but the drawbridge was down, and the rust on its chains argued that long had it been so.

Succor could not arrive, he argued, and they were in duty bound to save the surviving civilians and the women and children.

"Bears don't have tails, Benny," argued Jess—although she wasn't exactly sure she was right.

When Boufflers had argued and expostulated in vain, Villeroy was sent on the same errand, but had no better success.

He argued the matter during two hours, and no doubt lucidly and forcibly.

Reginald Haggard's wife pleaded with the girl; she argued, she entreated, but she never threatened.