Argues [verb]

Definition of Argues:

verbally fight

Opposite/Antonyms of Argues:

Sentence/Example of Argues:

Online, commentators and elected officials who have argued against mandating masks construed that the results supported their beliefs.

Democrats argue that Facebook’s labels don’t do enough to stop the spread of misinformation, while Republicans say the company unfairly polices posts by conservatives.

As researchers such as Harvard’s Daniel Lieberman have argued, humans evolved a bunch of traits like longer legs, less body hair, and elastic tendons that favor walking and running.

Designers, we have argued, bring unique skills and ways of thinking that can help managers without design training understand customers and tailor products and services for them.

Bulls will argue that stay-at-home orders have fundamentally shifted consumer behavior, forcing some who have resisted the app age to sign up UberEats or Instacart.

In the latest episode of Fortune’s Reinvent podcast, Coursera CEO Jeff Maggioncalda argues that MOOCs are an indispensable tool for retraining the workforce for the digital jobs of tomorrow.

As a result, many experts argue, safe and effective vaccines remain the best chance for escaping the maze of Covid-19 infection.

In the meantime, perhaps both sides can agree that just having some public art by and in tribute to women to argue about is a big step in the right direction.

While this is the current consensus among accountants about how to handle cryptocurrency assets, it remains controversial, with some experts arguing cryptocurrency should be treated like any other financial instrument.

The lawsuit argued the county’s position requires that the public already know information in a requested document, turning state public records law on its head.