Arguing [verb]

Definition of Arguing:

verbally fight

Opposite/Antonyms of Arguing:

Sentence/Example of Arguing:

Even the lead researcher argues that such an assertion is misconstruing science, while other public health experts assert that the study has serious design flaws.

The report’s authors argue that the speed at which governments and banks worldwide have developed economic stimulus packages is proof that funds can be assembled rapidly to meet existential threats.

Lawmakers and advocates say it is time to give riders of motorized devices the right to argue fault with insurance companies and juries.

There is also a lengthy introduction from Walter Isaacson, who argues that Bezos’s personal character resembles that of some of Isaacson’s biographical subjects, such as Benjamin Franklin and Steve Jobs.

She said she empathizes with the poor labor conditions faced by nursing home employees, who argued in September that it was premature for Maryland to move into Phase 3 of its reopening.

It would be refreshing to argue whether a two-loss SEC team deserves a spot over a one-loss Big 12 candidate.

When Sofia persisted in arguing that the question was wrong, the teacher thanked her for good constructive criticism and agreed to change the wording, she said.

They argued the expo center should be reclassified as a “brick and mortar establishment,” which has no capacity limits and is required to follow only physical distancing and mask-wearing mandates under Northam’s pandemic plan.

Regardless, Richards argues Kiken deceived and violated her.

Herring’s office argued in its motion against an injunction that expo centers are “exhibition venues” that pose a greater risk of infection because larger groups of people gather there to buy or sell goods and services.