Argumentative [adjective]

Definition of Argumentative:

wanting to quarrel

Synonyms of Argumentative:

Opposite/Antonyms of Argumentative:

Sentence/Example of Argumentative:

The passengers were “non-mask compliant, rowdy, argumentative” and harassed crew members, the airline said.

Mr. Shiel followed, in a speech which was more personal than argumentative.

The argumentative force of the passage being admitted, its doctrinal import deserves attention.

He simply took his model and abridged it, by throwing out all argumentative, illustrative and amplificatory material.

There was something that caught his attention in the note of this—a longing half hopeless, half argumentative to be believed in.

Besides, it was not to be denied that even the elderly and argumentative found themselves listening to his discourses.

Elmer continued, in that smooth argumentative tone he knew how to use so well, and which as a rule was so wonderfully convincing.

At last Milly's voice crept through, strained and thin, feebly argumentative, the voice of a thing defeated and yet unconvinced.

His mind was the most argumentative of any of the old lawyers in the state, and his memory was extraordinary.

Anyway it was plain that she could not get very far by arguing with him—he was getting stubborn, argumentative, contentious.