Arguments [noun]

Definition of Arguments:

verbal fight

Synonyms of Arguments:

Opposite/Antonyms of Arguments:

Sentence/Example of Arguments:

McDaniel offered a similar argument the same day as her tweet.

You can reasonably make cases for seven rookies, and the arguments for each differ pretty dramatically.

For how solid Bledsoe was in the regular season, and despite how special his defense can be, there’s a fair argument to be made that he’s simply not a consistently strong enough offensive player to go forward with in postseasons.

The race to replace Filner had fierce arguments but Kevin Faulconer and David Alvarez refrained mostly from drawing those same kind of lines of who was good and who were the villains of San Diego politics.

By that time, the mayor had fleshed out a larger argument, connecting environmental pollution to quality-of-life and health issues in what he dubbed “the urban environment.”

Just see page seven of the prospectus, which lays out its argument in a handy chart.

Her larger argument, of course, was that her husband is best suited to lead the nation through the next four years.

In the meantime, investors and the public are left to weigh the arguments.

When it was Gladden’s turn to talk, she explained how she’d tried to get her rent lowered on the first day of summer and how she got into an argument with the property manager, who wanted documentation she didn’t have.

Rogers appeared unconvinced by Epic’s argument that it’s suffering “irreparable harm” from the damage to its reputation by customers complaining that they can’t play Fortnite.