Aria [noun]

Definition of Aria:

operatic solo

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Sentence/Example of Aria:

In the orchestration of the aria from Undine, he says, the pianoforte plays an important and really beautiful part.

Without a curtain, or something of the sort, the Aria will be devoid of all meaning, and ruined!

Every composition used in instruction, be it simple exercise or elaborate aria, should be first of all melodious.

The laces made in the Greek islands probably owe their origin to Venice, showing the same “punti in aria.”

I never listened to anything more magnificently done than Lascelle's singing of the big baritone aria.

Countess Rzewuska improvised an aria at the pianoforte; the poet Carpani at once improvised a text for it.

Milder has had her aria for a fortnight, I shall learn to-day or to-morrow whether she knows it.

Nottebohm is led by these things to surmise that the aria was written in Vienna in 1795, before the visit to Prague.

My loved Rosa, also won general admiration by her execution of an aria, in which she was accompained by Dussek on the piano.

After the Court had taken their seats at the card-table, the Concert began with an Overture, which was followed by an aria.