Arid [adjective]

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Death, to do him justice, he had met with none of the cowardice he had vaunted, and consistently with his arid cynical soul.

The broad river was left behind; they set their course toward the arid mountains of Libya.

“Guayule” is a resinous rubber secured from a two-foot shrub that grows on the arid plains of Texas and Northern Mexico.

The interior plateau may be described as arid, so that irrigation is required if crops are to be raised.

A great part of this region is an arid and frightful desert; but the more favored portions are extremely fertile.

The morning sun came upon them over treeless ridges of sandstone, and disappeared at evening behind ridges equally naked and arid.

South of this arid region, strewn with great lava stones, are the Rendile uplands, affording pasturage for thousands of camels.

As they seldom drink they never inhabit moist places, but cheerfully reside among arid sands and burning mountains.

Deprived of sustenance, nearly all the shorter streams dried up, and the channels which they had hewn became arid gullies.

We reached the village of the Little Osages after a fatiguing and laborious march of six days across an arid prairie.