Aridities [noun]

Definition of Aridities:

want; extreme need, often financial

Opposite/Antonyms of Aridities:

Sentence/Example of Aridities:

The Early Jurassic was dominated by seed ferns, cycads and gingkoes, but by the Middle Jurassic, conifers began to flourish in the more arid, warmer climate.

The high desert’s influence on Si-Qin can be seen in the show’s five large CGI renders of an idealized arid landscape.

Technically, they are called “haboobs,” a term that originated in the Middle East, where the events are more common, but they can occur in any arid landscape.

Meanwhile, a smaller portion of already-arid land grew drier as temperatures increased the most during the day.

Afterward, climate conditions rapidly changed from rainy to arid, which, coupled with the increased plant growth during the period, provided a warm, oxygen-rich environment ideal for dinosaurs to flourish.

A second climatic change, perhaps even more important than the lowering temperature, was the increase of aridity.

At Anau there are signs that the desertion was due primarily to aridity or to disturbances accompanying such a change.

The neighbouring zone of Kaffraria consists of great far-spreading, gently-undulating plains, characterized by extreme aridity.

It is designed to show the air of aridity which the mere coast line presents.

From the crowding vegetation of a tropical marsh to the most absolute aridity was but a step.