Ariel [noun]

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And the Ariel was twelve cubits long, and twelve cubits broad, foursquare, with equal sides.

After Ariel, Ferdinand and Miranda should reappear; this time in a phase of glowing passion.

Caliban, Ariel, the love-scene—all belong to the highest creations of art.

The wild, uncouth Caliban, the wonderful flights of Ariel—these are creations of the first order.

The joyful shouts and hearty cheers of the Ariel's crew continued for some time after her commander had reached her deck.

The person of Barnstable I have rescued, and the Ariel has been stricken by a hand far mightier than any of this world!

After five minutes, you take your bag and walk to Dock Seven and go aboard the freighter Ariel—go just as if you belonged there.

Ariel, whom Prospero had freed from his miserable enchantment, had never ceased to thirst for liberty and returns to the winds.

She began the old tune, "Ariel," and then wandered on, playing many airs that brought back forgotten days.

They intend to make the lightning a domestic slave in every house, and to turn Ariel into a common carrier.