Aril [noun]

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By the end of Aril, the several armies seemed to be ready, and the general forward movement on Corinth began.

Seed vessel pyramidal, containing many seeds enveloped in an elastic aril by which they are ejected when the fruit opens.

Calyx not minute; pod colored, dehiscent; seeds enclosed in a pulpy aril.

Seeds many in several rows on the lateral placenta, with a fleshy lacerate aril on one side.

The pulp is of the nature of an aril, that is, an additional seed-coat.

This aril or husk is the mace of commerce, while the true nutmeg is the center or hard seed (nut).

The seeds are edible, and the blue, pulpy aril surrounding them yields an essential oil.

The aril is a growth from the extremity of the seed-stalk, or from the placenta when there is no seed-stalk.

“Mace” is the “aril” or covering of the seed of the same plant.