Arioso [adjective]

Definition of Arioso:

pertaining to melody

Synonyms of Arioso:

Opposite/Antonyms of Arioso:

Sentence/Example of Arioso:

Arioso in the recitative indicates an interpolated passage of vocal melody.

His 2nd Arioso with twelve variations is worth the notice of pianists in search of something unfamiliar.

To have set them in the sustained arioso style of Tristan und Isolde would have been as impossible as it would have been inept.

The recitative itself became more characteristic and was diversified with short arioso passages.

His forms are very free, and the recitative is almost wholly in the arioso style with full orchestral accompaniment.

At one instant it may be recitative pure and simple, and the next moment it will glide into melodious arioso.

Still more impressively is this mastery of expression shown in the arioso recitatives.

The oboe has a kind of arioso phrase with trilling of flutes and clarinets, answered in trumpets and harp.

This is by no means of the same nature as the dramatic arioso of German opera during the nineteenth century.

Then it degenerates somewhat into an arioso, almost Italian.