Arisen [verb]

Definition of Arisen:

come into being; proceed

Synonyms of Arisen:

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Sentence/Example of Arisen:

FDA typically convenes such a panel before deciding whether to approve a drug in situations where there are questions arising from clinical trial data.

There are some concerns arising that are more profound and frightening — like the crushing effect the pandemic is having on our mental health, particularly that of children.

The island toads’ short legs may have arisen because there’s little pressure on tiny islands to move into new territory quickly to beat competing toads to an area of rich resources, unlike what cane toads invading Australia are experiencing.

I took it as tongue-in-cheek — but even then, it could be taken as a defensive, preemptive joke arising from all the times she’s had to hear about it, since she’s no doubt heard about it, given the double standard.

That doesn’t have to arise because a manager’s just trying to pad their numbers.

Now, every pilot will have to undergo simulator training on the Max, including how to handle issues that arose during the crashes.

As with clinical studies in general, positive effects might arise simply from participants’ expectations, not the drug itself.

In the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster, as many as 30 percent of “new” genes are essential, with some arising as recently as 3 million years ago — a flash in evolutionary timescales.

Gurven and colleagues still suspect that the lower average body temperature could have arisen as a result of increased access to medications, such as painkillers or antibiotics, or better nutrition, though more research will be needed to show that.

These green blobs might arise from turbulence in the torrent of plasma that creates STEVE’s purple band, Semeter says.