Arises [verb]

Definition of Arises:

come into being; proceed

Synonyms of Arises:

Opposite/Antonyms of Arises:










Sentence/Example of Arises:

It is also mandating new pilot training for the Max focusing on issues that arose in the accidents.

A Justice Department official said that lawyers from the Criminal Division presented the case to Rosen’s office in late 2019 and that “substantial questions arose about the strength of the case.”

To get there, you have to understand how strong magnetic fields arise.

This trip, though, was just about being alive and alert to every interaction, feeling whatever feelings he had, sensing whatever sensations arose.

Factor in problems arising from flight path interference, and investors may feel they’re looking at another Ford Edsel.

Atlanta Voters Wait Hours in LineIn the 2020 primary, similar problems arose.

These capabilities arose incredibly early and maybe set the stage for what we can do with our hands now and what fish can do with their fins in terms of touch.

What arises to replace the cookie in the coming years should lead to a more accurate, honest, and valuable digital ecosystem.

All of those complications just arose in the course of reaching people whom the IRS wants to reach.

Afterward, “the great little Madison” recorded that Washington demurred, protesting his “unfitness to judge of legal questions, and questions arising out of the Constitution.”