Aristocracy [noun]

Definition of Aristocracy:

privileged class, government

Synonyms of Aristocracy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aristocracy:

Sentence/Example of Aristocracy:

Perhaps the biggest giveaway that Penelope is Lady Whistledown arrives in the sixth episode, when Marina’s scandalous pregnancy — which predates her arrival in Grosvenor Square — is revealed to the aristocracy.

Perhaps, like father, I am a snob at heart and liked the sensation of a sort of artistic alliance with the British aristocracy.

I should judge from the streets that not more than one-fourth of the females of Galway belong to the shoe-wearing aristocracy.

I did not find the Aristocracy so remarkable for physical perfection and beauty as I had been taught to expect.

That curious, almost ridiculous-looking craft, was among the aristocracy of shipping.

The sale of diplomatic secrets is a brisk one in my own country, or how would so many of our poor aristocracy live?

He was banished for his invectives against the aristocracy, who did not relish severity of comedy.

Well work it up until we have the whole clothes-aristocracy fighting each other for it.

These could only coexist with liberty; for a democracy is more favorable than an aristocracy to large assemblies of citizens.

There was another clan of aristocracy around there—five or six families—mostly of the name of Shepherdson.