Arithmetical [adjective]

Definition of Arithmetical:

concerning manipulation of numbers

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Sentence/Example of Arithmetical:

And every arithmetical operation is an application of this law, or of other laws capable of being deduced from it.

Another section consists of five parallel lines, and there are three viii rows of arithmetical symbols.

He was before your time;—one of the arithmetical men, and a great friend of Plantagenet's.

Arithmometer, ar-ith-mom′et-ėr, n. an instrument for working out arithmetical calculations.

Much of the aversion to arithmetical problems found later is undoubtedly due to this disheartening primary work.

Is not the bare arithmetical announcement sufficient to satisfy the inquirer into Mr. Seward's diplomatic assiduity?

This art has been carried to such perfection, that it has been reduced to a very simple series of arithmetical operations.

This example shows how little the Greeks were embarrassed in arithmetical calculations by their alphabetical system of numerals.

Arithmetical diversions, in a cold chamber, were the intellectual treat which awaited Margaret and her companions.

His reason is that they are the type of irreductibility: each of them is a kind of ultimate arithmetical fact.