Armada [noun]

Definition of Armada:

group of ships or aircraft

Synonyms of Armada:

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Sentence/Example of Armada:

Then came tidings of a great French armada which was coming to the conquest of New England.

This patriotic sentiment would seem to show that the book was written or published about the time of the Spanish Armada.

This was probably during one of the expeditions against Spain, after the Armada had been disposed of.

It was the treasure of Peru that armed the soldiers of Alva and laid the keels of the Armada.

Britain also can never forget the part that Plymouth played in repulsing the Great Armada.

It was here that Drake and Howard first confronted the Armada, after the memorable but possibly fabulous game of bowls.

At times of crisis such as the arrival of the Armada the votes were enlarged by granting more tenths and fifteenths and subsidies.

Papal supplies equipped expeditions against Ireland, and helped Philip to bear the cost of the Armada.

The defeat of the Armada was the first of a series of defeats at the hands of the English and the Dutch.

It was the loss of her maritime supremacy that robbed her of all, and her maritime supremacy was lost in the wreck of the Armada.