Armaments [noun]

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Bonaparte with an immense armament sailed from Toulon for the conquest of Egypt.

At length the court of Madrid began to be alarmed for the safety of Brazil, and fitted out a large armament for its relief.

They were forced to retire with the loss of 2,000 men, and soon after compelled to withdraw the armament.

The Colophonians once possessed a considerable armament, consisting both of ships and of cavalry.

One of the tenders was taken, with its armament and seven seamen; the rest were with difficulty towed out of the creek.

They have evidently broken their treaty with France, and yet are afraid to assist in finishing the vast armament of the French.

It was only a portion of this wealth that they were expending in the manufacture of armament.

Henry raised an armament, crossed the Channel, and landed in England.

It is also noteworthy, says Austin, as “the first effort to establish an American naval armament.”

The armament preparing at Brest, is thus described in one of the public papers.