Armchairs [noun]

Definition of Armchairs:

easy chair

Synonyms of Armchairs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Armchairs:


Sentence/Example of Armchairs:

A big dictionary placed in an armchair, raised little Henrietta to the proper height at the Norwood dinner table.

Hans Fennefos entered, saluted Sarah, and at the same time inquired for whom the armchair was placed by her side.

He had been sitting at his ease in an armchair, over the back of which he had tossed the baldric from which his sword depended.

Over this pit is an armchair, to which the deceased bonze is fastened in full costume.

Scattergood went back to his hardware store and sat down in his reinforced armchair on the piazza.

He is lying head and shoulders under the large armchair, without sound or motion.

In a big armchair a white-haired man in evening dress was lying back in a state of collapse.

He seated himself in his black horse-hair armchair, and she leaned against the window, indifferently.

This would suit Kennedy capitally, and musing on the meeting of the morrow, he sank into a doze in the armchair.

Then turning abruptly away, he threw himself in an armchair, buried his face in his hands, and began to weep.