Armed [adjective]

Definition of Armed:

with weapon

Synonyms of Armed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Armed:


Sentence/Example of Armed:

Memes in support of Rittenhouse and calls for armed MAGA rallies are on the rise.

The plays James has spent a career refining — the defense-collapsing drives and precognitive passes — find natural outlets in Davis’s catch-and-shoot acumen and gummy-armed lob finishes.

In that legalizing sports gambling actually brings new people into the gambling realm who wouldn’t otherwise be buying lottery tickets or playing craps or playing the one-armed bandit in the casinos.

Among all starting pitchers in the second half of last season, only Scherzer had a superior FIP mark than that of electric-armed Buehler.

All our people were well mounted, and armed with rifles, pistols, and bowie-knives.

To this, it is greatly to be feared, the fiery Southerns will not submit without an armed struggle.

Nearly half the regiment ran to secure their picketed horses, armed themselves in hot haste, and galloped to the gaol.

The village was held by about 400 armed natives, who had killed one native and two European soldiers on the way.

Thus the whole State became one vast armed camp, nearly forty thousand men on a side, arrayed against each other.

When we arrived, Monsieur de Biancourt armed himself, and thus arrayed proceeded to pay a visit to Meteourmite.