Armies [noun]

Definition of Armies:

military force, usually for land

Synonyms of Armies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Armies:

Sentence/Example of Armies:

If we can free this State of Yankees, we will accomplish more than your armies down south have.

The battle was for a long time maintained by both armies with obstinate energy.

Also, some ominous comments on what armies spend and what Governments scrimp:—that is ammunition.

The two armies for the time being lay opposite to each other, too exhausted after the struggle to recommence operations.

I have seen the retreats of continental armies in my time; they are always a scene of horrors.

The news which I had brought of the positions of the armies rendered me an object of marked interest.

They are two Allied Armies working with me (or supposed to be working with me) against a common enemy.

What were invasions and armies—what were kings and kingdoms—to the slightest wish of the being who had written this billet?

Marry, that's true: and if two armies ever meet without coming to blows, nothing but our absence can be the occasion of it.

The two armies were very nearly equal in numbers, the French having forty-seven thousand men and the English forty-four thousand.