Arming [verb]

Definition of Arming:

equip with weapon or power

Synonyms of Arming:

Opposite/Antonyms of Arming:

Sentence/Example of Arming:

The recruits were running away, though the decree for the general rising of the country was arming the people.

He reproached his persecutors for arming themselves for liberty of conscience, and killing him for differing with them.

He also took precautions of arming himself for defence against marauders.

He went out, and arming himself with stones and blocks, soon commenced a regular assault upon the house.

They now apprehended a general massacre; and yet Captain Fitzroy prohibited them from arming themselves in self-defence.

Austria was steadily arming; Francis received the quieting assurance that his share in the partition was to be undisturbed.

The Parliament of England commenced arming the militia and fortifying the towns near the Border.

At least, let me get some cigars to smoke while we are arming our stronghold.

Menelaus takes a spear, and goes to look for Agamemnon, whom he finds arming himself beside his ship.

Opinions are powerless so long as they only confuse the brain without arming the hand.