Armistices [noun]

Definition of Armistices:

peace-establishing agreement

Synonyms of Armistices:

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Sentence/Example of Armistices:

It was a direct lie to tell the Austrian commander that an armistice had been arranged and the bridge ceded to the French.

So an armistice was agreed to on June 26, and representatives of both sides met to discuss terms.

At Stettin, during the armistice, he entered the fortress and tried to seduce the governor, an ex-Jacobin and erstwhile friend.

The burial of 3,000 Turks by armistice at Anzac seems to have been carried out without a hitch.

Meanwhile, unknown to the Marshal, the Emperor had accepted the Czar's demands for an armistice.

A few days later he was sent home to Paris with a copy of the armistice signed on January 16, 1801.

Our strange sort of armistice continued throughout yesterday.

A few days later the Armistice was signed, and the victory of the Allied armies sealed.

In the very midst of the preparations came a proposition from Charles for an armistice.

He therefore acquiesced in Charles's proposal, though not intending the armistice as a preliminary of peace.