Armoire [noun]

Definition of Armoire:

large cabinet

Synonyms of Armoire:

Opposite/Antonyms of Armoire:


Sentence/Example of Armoire:

It certainly contains no weapons, so cannot be an armoury, and we conjecture that her word must be a corruption of armoire.

I no longer thought of how pretty my Brittany armoire was or how I loved my Empire desk.

He thrust his hand within the armoire and unhitched the white tunic from its peg.

Almost the moment he stepped from his tall ebony armoire Trent heard steps coming toward him.

In the corner of a panel in the armoire he bored two small holes and blew away the dust that fell from them.

It was a huge ebony armoire inlaid with panels of tortoise-shell and ornamented by intricate designs of brass and ormolu.

Then taking a cloak from the armoire he enveloped himself in it, so as to completely hide the jeweled scabbard.

The next moment she had crossed the room and torn open the doors of the great armoire where Hugh kept his clothes.

Manuel brought copitas of brandy and set bottle and tray on the low armoire.

In the afternoon, the bolts of his parlour door closed of their own accord, and the door of a large armoire opened.