Armored [adjective]

Definition of Armored:

heavily clad

Synonyms of Armored:

Opposite/Antonyms of Armored:

Sentence/Example of Armored:

Dis whole job is a pipe, wit' us havin' a Monitor gun to open dat armored truck.

He saw that the back door of the armored truck was opening and another guard was getting out.

How the payroll cash was brought from up the line in an armored car to the bank before opening time in the morning.

The encounter between the Merrimack and the Monitor had set the world agog on the matter of armored vessels.

Whenever I get into this anti-mosquito rig, I feel like an armored train!

The blast bounced harmlessly off the machine's armored hide.

There were guys of all sizes, mostly young, some armored, some not.

To get home is not so easy but I remember armored car provided by intelligent corporation for transport of bankroll, so here I am.

They are about fifty feet long, fish-shaped, heavily armored and have some unknown method of propulsion.

Nevertheless it caused the armored horror to leap back a step, and the moment thus provided was sufficient.