Armors [noun]

Definition of Armors:

protective covering, often made of metal

Synonyms of Armors:

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Sentence/Example of Armors:

Everyone felt strongly that this was a character who didn’t possess a lot and who used clothes as camouflage and a form of armor.

The animal’s bones, skin, armor and horn tissue were all preserved in stone.

Similarly, a type of mail armor known as the jazerant was adopted by many a Crusader and its origin lies in the khazaghand – an earlier Islamic armor.

Because for me as a girl I always have to work really hard to prove myself, because—I feel that subconsciously, people expect men to be smarter or just to be more successful and because of that, I think women need to have an extra layer of armor.

The governor made a strong thrust at him, which almost knocked him down; but showed that he was clad in armor.

What the armor-bearer was for the warlike races of old, such is the tchbukdi for their degenerate descendants.

Absurd as that taffeta dress was for a child of her age, it seemed to her an armor against all disaster.

Edward, prince of Wales (called the black prince from the color of his armor), died, aged 46.

Of course, I couldn't get these people to leave off their armor; they wouldn't do that when they bathed.

So, one of the teams wore chain-mail ulsters, and the other wore plate-armor made of my new Bessemer steel.